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Phin Design R/C 1/8th Scale RC Buggy Tires Gluing Jig #VP-301

Phin Design R/C 1/8th Scale RC Buggy Tires Gluing Jig #VP-301
Price: $54.98



Phin Design R/C 1/8th scale buggy tire gluing jig.


This is the ultimate 1/8th scale buggy tire gluing jig that actually works!.

Check out the video link below to see how easy it is to use!!



Creates a perfect professional looking glue job every time.

Used by Nemo Racing in the UK to pre-mount all of their Beta Tires sold.

Used and endorsed by the current IFMAR World Champion Cody King and many time National Champion Adam Drake.

From the designer Joey Powell:


Hey guys, I am really excited to tell you all about the launch of Phin Design R/C and the release of my first product; the Phin Design R/C 1/8 buggy tire gluing jig. Originally, I designed this for myself to take the hassle out of gluing tires. I wanted something that was simple, efficient, consistent, and fast...really fast, and that's what I made. It was not my original intention to put it on the market, but people kept buying mine off me at the track when they saw how well it worked. Honestly, nothing gives me more satisfaction than to aid someone else in their success, and that desire to see others struggle less, win more, and experience more joy is why I made the decision to bring this to you all. So, from one racer to all of you, thanks for being the band of brothers that you are, and I hope this helps. ~Joey

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